Design Week Tallahassee

Going virtual August 21ST — December 18TH 2020

Design Week Tallahassee

Here's how it will work: Instead of a single week of back-to-back sessions, DWT will now become a weekly online series. Each Friday from August 21st through December 18th we will host one or two speakers for fun virtual event over Facebook Live. All streams will be hosted on the main Design Week Facebook page.

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Breaking Creatives out of Toxic Work Patterns

This year Design Week takes on the topic of wellness in creativity. Creative endeavors are crucial to our health, but working in the creative industry can be mentally, emotionally - and at times physically - demanding. This year's conference focuses on breaking the patterns which limit us, trying new things, and incorporating self-care into our journey toward creative fulfillment!

DWT: A week of creativity, conversation and learning, Design Week Tallahassee is an annual 5-day event that welcomes creatives of all creeds and kinds. The festivities include guest speakers, workshops and social events held at multiple locales around Tallahassee. Design Week aims to educate, inspire, and connect designers in our community through a week-long series of art & tech experiences.

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