Design Week Tallahassee

March 25 — March 29 2020

Design Week Tallahassee

A 5 day event that welcomes creatives of all creeds and kinds

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Breaking Creatives out of Toxic Work Patterns

This year Design Week takes on the topic of wellness in creativity. Creative endeavors are crucial to our health, but working in the creative industry can be mentally, emotionally - and at times physically - demanding. This year's conference focuses on breaking the patterns which limit us, trying new things, and incorporating self-care into our journey toward creative fulfillment!

DWT: A week of creativity, conversation and learning, Design Week Tallahassee is an annual 5-day event that welcomes creatives of all creeds and kinds. The festivities include guest speakers, workshops and social events held at multiple locales around Tallahassee. Design Week aims to educate, inspire, and connect designers in our community through a week-long series of art & tech experiences.

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we are beyond excited to welcome such a creative and inspiring bunch for dwt 2020. our speakers and instructors will bring their experiences, skills, trades, processes and lessons they’ve learned along the way to share with us in this incredibly impactful week.


Co-Founders at Hellcats USA

Bob Ewing

Co-Founder at inch_x_inch

April Fitzpatrick

Founder & Creative Director of Pineapples With Purpose

Jenn Egelfeld

Multidisciplinary Artist

Tony Gines

Lead Product Designer


Marketing Agency

Kendrick Kidd

Creative Director At Shepard

Maggie Lawrence

Digital Strategist At Marking for Change

Vanessa Guirey

Graphic Designer at FSU International & Social Media Manager for Tallahassee's Rising OM Yoga

Zoe Crook

Social Media Coordinator At FSU Study Aboard

Naomi Trad

Designer at Cartoon Network

Carly Berry

Independent Designer & Illustrator

Alyssa Darmanin

UX Design Lead, Mobility - Volkswagen Group of America

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We do our best to make this event as accessible as possible.

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